Explanation of Special Features
In our reviews here at Quality Cam Sites, you'll notice us referring to various special features a cam site (or camgirl) might offer viewers. Here is a brief overview and explanation of those features:

  • Free Video Chat
    Cam sites offering free video chat will allow you to view the cams of their models free of charge (you can also typically chat textually with the model for free as well). You're very unlikely to see any nudity (it's up to the camgirl's discretion just how much she shows) but the girls are typically scantily clad and it can be fun chatting and flirting with them before you go private. Plus, free video chat allows you to get an idea of the girl's cam quality as well.

  • Audio
    If a camgirl offers audio, you will be able to hear her while you enjoy her live cam feed. Audio can make your live cam experience quite a bit more enjoyable as communication is easier, responses typically come faster, and you can hear all the dirty talk (and other naughty sounds) a camgirl might provide.

  • Model Photo Galleries
    Cam sites with this feature provide sample photo galleries of their models. These are typically located on the camgirl's Bio page (or sometimes on the free chat page) and are a good way to preview the model's looks, particularly if she's not online at the time.

  • Free Tease Vids
    In addition to the sample photo galleries, some cam sites also offer sample tease videos of their models. These are usually linked up in the same area as the sample photos and provide you with a brief pre-recorded video of the babe on her cam. Also, some models who do not offer free chat offer a tease video instead. Like the photos, these sample vids are a great way to preview the model before you chat with her.

  • High Speed Connection
    Sometimes camgirls will indicate that they have a high speed connection. Obviously, this is a good thing and means that their live video stream will be smoother and less choppy. Remember though that your connection speed also figures into the smoothness of the video.

  • Cam To Cam
    A cam to cam session will allow the camgirl to watch you while you watch her. Obviously, this requires that you have a cam of your own and a high speed connection will make things easier and the cam streams smoother. Going cam to cam can make for an incredibly fun and sexy private show, particularly for guys who like to get off while a hot babe is watching.

  • Phone Chat
    Camgirls who offer phone chat will allow you to call and talk with them during your private show. Typically, the girl provides a number once you've launched a private show and you go from there. Not a lot of camgirls offer this feature...typically it will be indicated in the girl's Bio or above her free chat portrait if she offers phone chat, but it never hurts to ask.

  • 2-Way Audio
    In a 2-way audio session, you'll be able to hear the camgirl and she will be able to hear you as well. Of course, you'll need a functioning microphone for this to work.

  • HD Quality Cams
    Most cam sites nowadays have models who offer HD quality cams. There's typically a notation on or above the camgirl's portrait that indicates if they offer a higher quality video feed. Some cam sites also list "HD Cam" as a filter you can use when searching through and sorting available camgirls. I highly recommend checking out a camgirl with an HD cam at some point; the difference in quality is often stunning and of course makes your private show experience all the more enjoyable. A higher speed connection is recommended.

  • Camera Zoom
    A live cam site with this feature has an interface which lets you control the zoom feature of the camera so you can get up close and personal with your favorite camgirl.

  • Multiple Camera Angles
    This is a relatively rare feature and requires that the camgirl has two different webcams set up. A live cam site with this feature will allow you to switch between the two different camera angles during your chat.

  • Remote Control Toys
    Cam girls with this feature offer you the ability to control, via controls in the private chat interface, a sex toy with which they are masturbating. This might involve something as simple as adjusting the vibration speed of a vibrator or as complex as varying thrusting speed and force, vibration type and intensity, and more.

Note: Although we may indicate in a review that a particular special feature is offered by a cam site, it does not mean that every camgirl on that site offers that feature, only that some of the camgirls do. Also, you may find that some camgirls charge extra for certain special features (like 2-way audio or cam to cam) while others do not.

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